Purpose of the Book

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In the Christian world today there are two specific opposing doctrinal beliefs as it pertains to the Godhead.

The Trinitarian may believe in one of multiple different understandings of a three God scenario. One such would be the Triune God or three in one. Another favored view is a Godhead consisting of three separate and distinct Gods who are co-equal and co-eternal. There are other varying three God concepts, which we are also classifying such as Trinitarian, so as to distinguish them from the non-Trinitarian understanding.

The non-Trinitarian simply believes in one eternal God who has always been. They believe that the person of Jesus had beginning of days when He was birthed (begotten) way back in eternity, at which time the Father gave Him His own attributes. Much more is explained in the book.

Only one view can be fully supported by the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. The other is the all time greatest doctrinal deception of Satan and cannot be supported by either the Bible or he Spirit of Prophecy.

All the details are in the book to help a searching soul find the truth based on unquestionable authority.

Why is this so important and not merely a side issue or a wind of doctrine? Because as you will learn, clinging to one view breaks the first commandment, while the other view validates the first commandment.

Every chapter in this book should be carefully and prayerfully read without prejudice or bias and the Holy Spirit will favor the reader with a clear understanding of God's liberating truth.